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Chairman As it stands today, Osmania General Hospital does not depict the real picture of a century ago. The biggest hospital in erstwhile Nizams Dominion standing the same area as of now on the banks of river Musi was totally devastated along with many other structures causing extensive loss of the property exactly 100 years ago. i.e. in 1908 due to unprecedented flash floods of Musi river. Subsequently a magnificent hospital building was erected with a distinct architecture vying equality in beauty with High Court Building standing across on the other side of the river. True to the spirit of noble profession of medicine, it is not just the hospital but even its environment has contributed in saving precious lives of scores of people in adversity. The living witness, that is, a Tamarind Tree which still exists in front court yard of hospital sends a grim reminder of the havoc caused by those floods, when we notice a plaque, revealing the fact that more than 150 people were rescued when they hung on to this very tree to prevent themselves from getting washed away by flood waters. This hospital was biggest in State then and continues to be to till date, is intimately involved in caring and treating sick populace embracing all sections of society through selfless and dedicated services rendered. I feel proud and privileged to be a product of this institution by carving a niche to itself in the annals of medical history by being one of the premier institutions associated with imparting genuine top class medicare to the suffering humanity over generations. I bow in reverence to my "Mother Institution" to acknowledge and salute for moulding us to be citizens of character and also for whatever the place, position, success, honour and recognition we enjoy in society today. Next to parents we owe our eternal gratitude to Our Teachers and Mother Institution, who shaped our careers and put us in present status. Therefore as a part of humble gesture of repayment of our gratitude. We have decided to place on record and bring it to the notice of all, both for present and posterity, highlighting the glory, historical contributions to the medical field, significant events and Alumni achievements as an ongoing process.

The modern technology has made it possible to achieve our objective by opening a "Web-Site" which enables Alumni spread all over the globe to contribute and interact and also provide any information that is necessary.

The Osamnia Alumni 2009 have initiated the web-site for Osmania Medical College and all steps taken to start one by raising contributions from some of the members. Keen interest and pains taking measures were taken by Dr. Majeed Khan, Dr. Ved Prakash and other executive members of see the web-site successfully launched. It was realized that starting a project alone is not enough unless it is backed up by regular follow up and maintenance. As sustaining the project was equally important, Osmania Medical College Old students Association Trust which has been playing an active role in the development of Osmania Medial College / Osmania General Hospital has agreed to take over the responsibility of maintenance as a part of its commitment to the Mother Institution. I hope and trust that this humble effort of ours would grow continuously with active involvement of more and more, particularly the younger generations who tread the threshold of historic Osamina Medical College.

I wish you all a Happy New - Year 2009 while remembering once again and reliving nostalgic memories of wonderful college days.




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