Dr. M.A.Majeed Khan

Prof. M.A.M. Khan is professor Emeritus of Psychiatry in Deccan College of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad.   He is a Consultant Psychiatrist with 3 ½ decades of experience and carries with him wealth of knowledge about Human Behavior and personalities. He is a regular organizer of CME programs, all over the country.  He has scores of true life histories to depict any topic of abnormal behavior.  He was awarded Fellowship from both The Royal College of Psychiatrists of United Kingdom, Australia and Newzealand.

He has special interest in Social Psychiatry and has participated in many International Conferences on Suicide Prevention and other social issues like violence in the society and Fear. He has given series of television talks including UGC programs on Psychiatric disorders.

He is a sought after speaker on problems like management of anger, abnormal personalities, alternative styles of thinking and qualities of a successful person, to mention a few.

His main area of interest has been in teaching people who are interested in Human problems.  His regular audience include Medical Students, Doctors, Managers, Bank Employees, Engineers and Government officials, not to mention Radio, Television and Print Media personnel.  He has deep insight and profound knowledge about personalities particularly the  abnormal ones.

He has travelled widely in connection with his professional work and  did a visiting professorial assignment in a Gulf University.  In June 1995 he was asked to give a plenary session to Psychiatrists and Counselors in Thailand.  He earlier gave key note addresses, in Rio de Janerio , Victoria falls in Zimbabwe and Colombo.

He is known for his strong views on the role of abnormal people in our Society and is a great believer in lateral thinking and uses it in his day to day practice. He is a member of the Indo-US Health Summit a global initiative for better health and education jointly with Government of India, Medical Council of India, Indian Medical Association and Association of American Physicians of Indian Origin.

He writes extensively in Local press about the importance of Learning Human Psychology particularly in the area of problems of children.  He feels that our children are at great risk because of the abnormal psychological behavior of the guardians and trusted caretakers.

He was the former President of Be frienders India, part of a Suicide Prevention chain of Befriender’s International.  He is responsible for initiating Voluntary Action in India,  to prevent suicide.

He was a member of the Academic Council of College of Business Administration of Osmania University. He has also organized workshops for Management students in Osmania University.
He is also the founder President of Human Understanding & Tolerance Society (HUTS), a Society of Psychiatrists to promote Mental Health Awareness.

His main objective is to propagate new knowledge about Abnormal Human Behavior and the havoc it can cause, in the family and the community.

Dr. M. A. Majeed Khan,
Adarsh Nagar,



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